Saturday, 8 October 2011

One month on

Just a quickie post. It's been just over a month since installation and am my locks are doing just fine. I have been washing weekly and experiencing little to no slippage. Can't overemphasis the  braiding and banding. My scalp is filling in slowly but surely. The hair has contracted and as that's happened, I started to notice a difference in volume to the two front sides. The right is less dense. To be sure, I did  a count of rows and noted 4 rows x approx. 15 locks a row short on the right and some locks bigger than what I would imagine is a medium sisterlock size. I got talking to my SL TC about this and she offered to re-do the front right quarter of my hair as part of the original package. No charge for this task. This re-do will take place mid October and that area will be six weeks behind the rest of the locks. Wonder how that will go down. I am loving the way the locks are developing. Check out my cute curly q's in the pic below.